4 golden rules to choose silver bracelets for women

It looks simple, but the plain female bracelet is very meticulous
December 23, 2020 0 Comments

Silver bracelets are indispensable silver accessories for women. However, not all silver bracelets are suitable for each girl. Below, we would like to share with you the golden rules to choose the right silver bracelet.

Silver bracelet
Silver bracelet

Suitable for each outfit

The thin silver bracelets will be suitable for office women when combined with elegant clothes such as dresses, maxi dresses, blazers, and suits. For the active ones, bracelets with a plain design will be the perfect choice to enhance their dynamic and personality.

Long and thin silver bracelet
Long and thin silver bracelet

Match the hand shape

If you have slender hands, congratulation, you can wear any bracelet design that you like.

But if your hands are big and full, you should not choose large-sized bracelets, you should choose the slender ones that are easy to move, avoid those with such tight design or your hand will be shortened.

Lucky flower symbol silver bracelet
Lucky flower symbol silver bracelet

Fits arm lengths

If you have long arms, you should wear many bracelets so at the same time it will create a sense of balance for your arms.

Pay attention to the size of the bracelet

Wearing an incorrect size bracelet will cause discomfort for the wearer, if it is too loose, it will easily slip during daily activities.

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