Explore the history of luxury brand Harry Winston

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Harry Winston is the favorite brand of Queen Elizabeth II and Duke Windsor (King Edward VIII of England abandoned the throne for love), legendary movie stars, and politicians of many countries. . Harry Winston was founded in New York City in 1932 by Mr Harry Winston, an enthusiastic, passionate man with a passion for gems, a renowned visual entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 1989, his eldest son, Ronald Winston, began to take over the company and introduced the first watches. Harry Winston watches are not made to be trendy because they don’t want their creation to go out of date one day. In order to wear the Harry Winston name, watches must be truly special and worthy of their investment.

During his life, Mr Winston was known as “King of Diamonds” – The King of Diamonds, “Jeweler to the Stars” – The jeweler of the stars. Mr. Winston’s creative design philosophy always promotes a special role for gemstones, honoring the natural beauty of heavenly products rather than focusing on metallic materials. This helped revolutionize jewelry design, and was the cornerstone of timeless aesthetics that continued to inspire Harry Winston’s creations.

Today Harry Winston’s home as a prestigious jeweler, a groundbreaking watchmaker that continues a tradition of creativity, rarity, and uncompromising quality in boutique stores. in the world including New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.


Mr. Harry Winston’s life is quite “peaceful” with the popularity of the brand he has built. Although no one denied his talent or contribution in the jewelry industry. Due to security concerns, he was never allowed to make his personal image publicly available. It was not until his death that a single portrait was revealed. It was a photo on the obituary board by Mr. Harry Winston.


His father Jacob Winston opened a small jewelry store in Los Angeles and from early childhood Harry worked with his father.

Harry Winston’s path to success therefore began very early.

In 1908, when he was just a 12-year-old boy with very instinctive eyes, he bought a 2-carat emerald at a pawnshop for only 25 cents (the owner thought it was a piece of glass. value); two days later he sold the stone for $ 800.

Working at his father’s jewelry store until the age of 18, he found a big hole in the market at that time, so he immediately bought old, outdated jewelry with neck cuts. He melted metal pieces, cut back the stones, gradually created a warehouse, private fund, and most importantly a Premiere Diamond Company brand. It was Harry’s flagship store that opened at 535 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1920.

By 1933, he married Edna Fleishman, the wife of Harry Winston who is also a muse and an inspiration for jewelry works. Harry Winston was also the first jeweler to hire a female actress in 1934. That was Jennifer Jones – who won the 1943 Academy Award for the song Bernadette.

Like all success stories, timing and luck play a key role.

With increasing knowledge and fame spread, coincidentally in 1934, the giant 726-carat Jonker diamond was discovered in South Africa and Harry Winston managed to buy it.

Jonker Diamond weighing 726 Carats is one of the largest diamonds in the world found. This diamond was not discovered in the mine during mining. It was discovered in a farmer’s farm yard after a heavy rain. That’s Jacobus Jonker. He owns a farm 3 miles from the Premier Mine in South Africa where the famous Cullinan rough diamond was found in 1905. Joner picked up a muddy crystal but it turned out to be a heavy diamond. 726 carats. The year is 1934. A few days later Jonker sold a large rough diamond to the Johannesburg Diamond Corporation for $ 315,000. The Jonker diamond was sent to London by regular mail for 64 cents while Harry Winston, the New York jeweler, offered to buy it. Immediately Winston came to “meet” this stone in England. He spent a month researching the diamond before completing his purchase.

In 1936, the Jonker diamond was sent to the Lazar Kaplan diamond cutting company in New York. A burning excitement, simply because this would be the largest rough diamond ever cut in the United States; After a year of computation, the raw stone turns into 12 legendary diamonds, including the Jonker I stone weighing 125.35 carats.