Moissanite, an excellent alternative for Diamond – Jewelry lovers definitely should read this!

Moissanite vs Diamond
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Possesses 90% diamond-like properties and looks but is 15-20 times cheaper. Moissanite in recent years has emerged as a phenomenon, is the perfect alternative for all diamond jewelry.

Origin of Moissanite

This stone is not a naturally formed rock on Earth but comes from a star. 

In 1893, French scientist Henri Moissan studied meteorite fragments from Arizona, USA. He found lots of sparkling debris in the meteorite. At first, people thought that it was a diamond. It was not until 1904, when the scientific machines advanced, that they had completely different structures from diamonds.

This stone is formed from a silicon carbide mineral. Meanwhile, diamonds are made of carbon. Since it is a completely new stone, it was named after the last name of the discovered scientist Henri Moissan – Moissanite.

The synthesis is easier to perform, making Moissanite very cheap compared to natural diamonds. And even cheaper than artificial diamonds. 

Compare moissanite and diamond

Moissanite does exist but is very rare in nature. Almost all Moissanite on the market is produced through artificial synthesis. In 1998, Charles & Colvard Company introduced Moissanite for the first time in the jewelry market. Their stones sparkle like diamonds. This is the result of many years of research. But, because it is a synthetic stone, its price is extremely cheap compared to diamond. Therefore, it is immediately popular with many people looking for a reasonably priced wedding or engagement ring, but has no less glitter than a real diamond.

Moissanite vs Diamond
Moissanite vs Diamond

So, to what extent is Moissanite similar to and different from diamond?


Diamonds are considered to have absolute hardness, with a level 10 on the Mohs scale. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25, which is tougher than sapphire and ruby. Therefore, this stone is extremely suitable for jewelry. It will be difficult to scratch in daily operations.

The sparkle

Moissanite has a much higher refractive index than diamond. This means that it sparkles even more than a diamond in the sun. A Moissanite ring will not be as opaque as “rhinestones”, for example, cubic zirconia, transparent topaz or even clear sapphire.

Moissanite vs Diamond
Moissanite vs Diamond


Color is an important factor in the 4C index of the diamond (color, cut, clarity, carat). This is also the only weakness of Moissanite. While diamond is completely transparent, moissanite has a certain color tint. The larger the moissanite, the clearer the color. However, moissanite can also be manufactured in different colors. It can be crafted to emulate yellow or pink diamonds.

(You can also search the color comparison video on Youtube yourself)


Because it is produced in a laboratory, the price of moissanite is also very cheap when compared to diamond. While the value of a diamond depends on the 4C index, the value of moissanite is based only on the color and size of the stone. Of course, the bigger the stone, and the more transparent it is, the higher the price will be.

Normally, with the same size & color of the stone, Moissanite is 10-20 times cheaper than natural diamond.


Many people are afraid of Diamond because of the environmental and social harm it causes. For example, the movie Blood diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. Meanwhile, because it is manufactured in a laboratory, Moissanite does not bring negative social aspects. At the same time, it does not waste natural resources to mine like diamonds. Therefore, Moissanite is very attractive to those who pursue modern green life.

Therefore, it is gradually becoming a popular stone for jewelry in general and wedding rings in particular.

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