Mulberry Wood Circle What Effect For Baby?

January 27, 2021 0 Comments

What is the effect of mulberry wood rings that many mothers believe to use? Mulberry rings have long been an indispensable bracelet for babies. According to old beliefs, this necklace is capable of fighting evil spirits to help children grow fast and healthy. Join Bao Tin to learn more about the miraculous uses of this bracelet in the article below.

Mulberry necklace according to folk beliefs

As children, we have certainly heard people talk about the rattan whips used to catch ghosts. Because of that, until now, people still say that wearing mulberry rings to eliminate ghosts and banish bad things from the body. According to folklore that a necklace should have about 13 mulberry segments is best.

Mulberry tree is considered one of the healthy plants, its leaves and bark are used in treating cough and phlegm, overcoming boils, and for treating sweating.

Meaning when wearing mulberry rings

Mulberry rings in the past are considered as items used by many parents for babies to avoid ghosts, sweating or startled babies, babies often cry at night.
In addition, the mulberry bracelet also symbolizes the love, wishes for health and peace of parents for their baby.cscs

Notes when choosing strawberry rings

Mulberry rings will be for babies, because babies have very sensitive skin, so mothers need to choose quality rings. Especially if the strawberry ring incorporates silver marbles or stones, you should choose a reputable store that specializes in providing standard silver, natural stone to ensure your baby’s health.
Poor quality mulberry rings are usually smooth ivory white and wear for a while, the paint will turn gray, so mothers should pay attention to avoid their baby’s allergies.