Stunning Pop Up Congratulation Cards with Flowers 

March 3, 2021 0 Comments

Need some special gifts to congratulate a friend who has just graduated, a relative who has bought a new house? You have come to the right place because we have exactly what you are looking for. Check out these stunning pop up card flower we have compiled for you in this post. 

Bellflower White Clips Pop Up Card  

Stunning Pop Up Congratulation Cards with Flowers 
Bellflower White Clips Pop Up Card


This is the first pop up gift on our list. It is outstanding with a light-green cover and a lovely silhouette of a Bellflower White Clips in the front of the card.  

Upon opening the 3dcard, the receiver can admire a beautiful papercraft of a bouquet of Bellflower White Clips. It is packaged with green tone wrapping paper and white ribbons.  

Bellflower White Clips stand for affection, constancy, and everlasting love. It is also a symbol of humility and delicacy.  

That is why the Bellflower White Clips Pop-Up Card is an ideal present for occasions that need to be congratulated like Graduation Day, Housewarming, or Women’s Day…  

Yellow Lily 3D Pop Up Card  

Stunning Pop Up Congratulation Cards with Flowers 2
Yellow Lily 3D Pop Up Card

The Yellow Lily card is another option for you. Its grey cover is striking with a printed yellow lily. Inside the card, there is a charming three-dimensional template of yellow lily flowers that are flourishing beautifully. 

Lily is a herbaceous flower. It has different meanings depending on their colors. The yellow lily is a symbol of thankfulness, friendship, and enjoyment. Because this flower has the bright color of the sun, it is suitable for cheering up or toasting someone.  

You can use this Yellow Lily 3D Pop Up Card as a great congratulation card for your friends who have just landed their dream job or a coworker who has done well on a project. 

Daisy Vase 3D Pop Up Card

Stunning Pop Up Congratulation Cards with Flowers 3
Daisy Vase 3D Pop Up Card

Any flower lovers will adore this awesome design. The card is unique from its elegant grey cover to the 3d model inside. When the receivers open it, they can contemplate a figure of an impressive brown vase with white daisies and green leaves.  

According to some legend in Norse mythology, the daisy is known as a symbol of Freya – the goddess of love, beauty. It signifies innocence, purity, motherhood, and new beginnings.  

In addition to being used as a congratulation gift card, Daisy Vase pop up card for birthday is also perfect for other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Friendship’s Day…  

Yellow Rose 3D Pop Up Cards

Stunning Pop Up Congratulation Cards with Flowers 4
Yellow Rose 3D Pop Up Card

Last but not least is a hallmark greeting card with Yellow Rose. The card features a dark blue cover with an enchanting rose. Inside it is a model with intricate detailing of some blooming yellow roses and rosebuds. 

Known as the King of Flowers, the rose has many symbolic meanings. It stands for passion, admiration, respect, enchantment, attraction, and so on.  

Different from red roses, yellow roses don’t have any meaning associated with romance. They symbolize friendship and caring, farewell, or good luck.  

Send this lovely Yellow Rose 3D Pop Up Card to your friends as extra motivation for them when they gave a good speech or did something well.