Suggesting the secret to wearing silver jewelry makes everyone surprisingly beautiful

Feng shui silver pendant collection
January 28, 2021 0 Comments

Women who want to be beautiful and express their own style and personality, just take advantage of the high-end silver jewelry design with bright white and modern features and talented hands of artisans with many years of experience. produces high quality silver jewelry. Here are some suggestions on how to wear standard jewelry that anyone can apply.

Silver jewelry for office workers needs to combine modernity and neatness

Accordingly, many people who tend to choose high-end silver jewelry still prefer to choose products such as wedding rings, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver bracelets .. all are accepted and add only one ring in the other hand. A ring, a necklace or a earring are all suited to express their own personality. Especially for those who work in the office, it is advisable to limit the type of jewelry that is too frilly, long drop and many cumbersome details. Because too complicated will make users drown, not highlighting their own personality.

Female feng shui silver ring collection
Female feng shui silver ring collection

Ideally you should wear the most suitable types of jewelry. If you are wearing a shirt with a deep collar, it is best to limit the necklace to the chest, and limit the combination with bags, belts and shoes.

You should also pin flowers and shawls with all your clothes. In addition, you should also combine flower pins on the brim of the hat or with more than one around the bandages and hairs. It is best not to put jewelry on the shoulder.


You should wear silver jewelry of the correct size and location

In addition, the secret to wearing fusion jewelry is to wear products with the right size for the size. A silver chain that goes through the two collarbones and has a deep cut collar is better than a chest-down necklace with a regular collar. This close-fitting silver necklace looks beautiful with a cordless dress.

Feng shui silver pendant collection
Feng shui silver pendant collection

If you combine different types of silver jewelry, do not use too many jewelry designs and designs. You can wear silver and gold straps, but you need to have the same style and style. You should wear 2 thinner straps than one thick strap.

If you have a silver ring, you should not wear too much and can harm yourself with a complicated, cumbersome style that does not make the owner beautiful.