The meaning of couple ring

December 21, 2020 0 Comments

Couple’s rings are a symbol of marriage

Men wear rings to show their loyalty to their lover

It is not natural that a pair ring is always the same in design and material and is used at the same time. When the couple’s rings are inserted into the hand, it is a symbol of the bond between two people, long-lasting and steady.

Why wear the ring on the fourth finger on your left hand?

Silver couple ring
Silver couple ring

The ring finger is the most neurologically distributed finger and according to medical science, the fourth finger has a vein that ran directly to the heart. The proof for that is that when going to the hospital, doctors often put a needle
straight into the tip of the ring finger to test blood. That is why the ring finger is a symbol of love, a symbol of perfection and eternity.

People often wear the ring on the ring finger on the left hand, because they think that the left hand is close to the heart and avoid inconveniences in daily work such as writing, shaking hands, …

Couples who love each other often buy silver couple rings for each other because the ring symbolizes sacredness and emotional stability. Hope their relationship will be good and long-lasting.