What Do You Know Origin Of The Trend Of Wearing Dog Tags?

Dog tag
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In the past during the war, soldiers used to wear a card with their name and date of birth to identify when they unfortunate died in battle. Today, wearing a dog tag has become a trend among young people. The trend is very popular among young people and is a way for them to express their personality. This article will reveal what the dog tag line is.

What is a dog tag?

Dog tags, also known as cards, are military cards used mainly for identifying basic medical information and casualties. If you have seen the great movie “Descendants of the Sun” or movies about the military, you will be very familiar with these metal cards.

The metal card was not merely the name of the soldier, but for the government, it was also a decision for the nation. To relatives of soldiers, cards are considered remains if the soldier dies without his body being brought back.

Dog tags are metal cards used mainly for identification in millitary
Dog tags are metal cards used mainly for identification in millitary

The origin of the dog tag

In the fight to protect the country, the soldier is clearly aware of life and death, so if they unfortunately injured or killed in battle, personal information is needed. From there they came up with an idea that is to write their name and hometown on wooden boards and always carry it with them.

During the American Civil War (1861 – 1865), soldiers recorded personal information on bills, clothes, backpacks, or belt buckles, … in case of unexpected problems. All that is the premise for metal dog tags to be born in the future.

However, the above ideas have many problems such as wooden cards can be worn out, and paper money can tear when meeting water … Then the soldiers need something that can be used for long time. That’s why metal cards were born.

A variety of materials such as silver, lead, and brass are used, but stainless steel dog tags are the last choice to this day. The advantage of dog tag chain is that they are fireproof, impact-resistant, and do not rot when buried in the ground like a wooden tag.

The shape of the dog tag tags is varied, but the final size that US military and allied countries agree to use is a card pattern of 2.9 x 5.1 angled.

The complete set of cards consists of a chain of balls about 75cm long, a 12cm short ball wire, two cards, and a set of rubber rons to prevent tinkling.

The advantage of the metal dog tag is that it is fire-proof, resistant to impact force
The advantage of the metal dog tag is that it is fire-proof, resistant to impact force

If a soldier is accidentally wounded on the battlefield and cannot bring his body back, his comrades will take one of the cards back, the other is inserted into his mouth to facilitate the identification of the remains later. When a relative of a deceased person receives this card, it also means accepting the relative’s remains.

Nowadays, young people really like the style of wearing necklaces as they express their individuality. And this style is very suitable for both men and girls with personality and like rebellion.

With information shared about the style of wearing dog tag necklaces’ origin, hopefully, it will help you understand more about the fashion trends of young people today.

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