Moissanite diamond
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In the gemstone jewelry village, No. 1 is Diamond, while No. 2 is none other than Moissanite. Named “the perfect replacement for diamonds”, Moissanite possesses qualities that “captivate” women at first sight.


Moissanite (chemical component is SiC). Main rock is a mineral of the compound Silicon Carbide or Carborundum. After 6 million years under high pressure and high temperature, Moissanite rock was formed. Then in the 19th century, the American chemist Henri Moissan found a way to synthesize Moissanite in the laboratory from natural raw materials, creating a remarkable advance in the gemstone industry. The name Moissanite is also placed to commemorate this scientist.

1. Almost perfect hardness and transparency of Moissanite diamond

Comparing on the Mohs international hardness scale, if diamond – the hardest gem in the world is scored 10/10, the Moissanite stone is not inferior to the edge with hardness ranging from 9.25-9.5 / ten. Although only slightly inferior to diamond but completely superior to other gems.

In addition, Moissanite has an almost perfect transparency. Compared with natural diamond, sometimes there are a few small cracks, the crack index of Moissanite is almost zero. So moissanite is usually very clear, clearly reflecting light.

Moissanite diamond
Moissanite diamond

3. Reasonable price

Because it is synthesized in a laboratory, the price of moissanite will be more comfortable when compared to a natural diamond of the same size and weight. While the value of a diamond depends on the 4C index (Cut – cut, Clarity – purity, Carat – weight, Color – color), the value of moissanite is based only on color and the weight of the stone. The price of this stone is not listed, can be high and low in each store and each different jewelry brand.

Moissanite 6.8 cups selling price of 3.6 million dong
Moissanite from 5-6 cups is priced at 1.1 – 2.19 million dong
Moissanite 4 cups selling price from 810,000 dong